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You have something within you…

It’s been there as long as you have. It has a force, a curiosity, a desire to play. A calling to something beyond what you know.
It wants to create. It wants to create as you.

It is not a pre-defined plan. It’s not out there, waiting to be discovered.

It’s a pure potentiality, encased in the story of the soul. The seed of something that could change everything.

Your work, is to see it, to believe in it, to water it, to move and create as it. Your work is to give yourself to it as fully as you are able.


How I Coach People

It’s been three years now since I started calling myself a coach. I’ve worked with a whole range of people. It’s been challenging, it’s been enlightening, and it’s been deeply fulfilling. Sometimes, a client’s life has been truly transformed -...

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The Purpose of Life

  What is the purpose of life? What is your purpose? My purpose? It’s a word that is as clichéd as it is important. And one I have wrestled with as much as it has inspired me. So often we talk of it as a thing, an ideal we must live up to, a...

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What Makes You Special

  Human beings have been trading stuff for an awfully long time. Some say for 150,000 years. It’s one of the biggest differentiators between us and the animals. It’s made our lives rich and cooperative. Here’s how it works… If one guy is great...

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Reveal how powerful you really are

The desire to reveal is the beckoning of your higher self.

It asks you to step out into the unknown and create something bold, novel and true.

It’s the very definition of vulnerability – revealing a deeper aspect of who you really are, not knowing what will happen when you do.

And at the core of this impulse is the hidden knowledge that you are powerful. That when you commit to the revelation of your divine uniqueness, life will change.

  • Your doubts begin to soften and dissolve, connecting you with that which burns inside.
  • The channel to your inspiration widens, opening up a flow of endless creativity.
  • You attract people that elegantly fit your natural brilliance, that say they “chose you for a reason”.
  • You step out, deeper into the arena, toward greater challenges, greater visibility and greater responsibility.

This kind of commitment is not a trick or a tactic.

It is a conscious attendance to the thread that’s already present. The one that winds all the way from the essence of who you are, out into the world you want to change.

I’m Ewan

My work is to understand this mysterious human journey of ours.

I write about business, relationships, God, consciousness, creativity and art, marketing, money, courage, the heart. Doing the work.

The words I write are for myself as much as for you. Because we’re in this together. And there is no map.

I coach a small number of people. They’re usually entrepreneurs. Many of them are artistic, creative. They seek deep meaning in their lives and their work. They do work that changes things.

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