Working with me

I believe we’re all here to do some particular work.

I don’t mean a job. I mean a mission. Born from the codes held deep within us, and called forth by that which is bigger than us. The path of being and becoming.

To undertake this mission is to choose to walk our true path through life – the path that enables us to contribute our greatest service to the world, and which transforms us into who we have the potential to become.

As we walk this path, we come to turning points – significant moments when life asks something new and great of us.

We are called to step deeper into the arena of our work and rise to meet a new professional phase. Or we are asked to step onto a new pathway and take a whole new direction in life.

It’s at these times that we look for guides to help us as we navigate our journey into the unknown.

This is the role I play.


I work with people who…

Are on the threshold of something. It’s significant. A new phase of their life and work, or a new direction they know they must take.

Or, the transformation has already begun, and they’re in the midst of the unknown trying to understand what on earth is happening.

If this is you…

  • Perhaps you’re creating some bold new aspect of your work, something that stretches you beyond your current capacity.
  • Maybe you’re completely reinventing yourself and what you do, taking a big leap into the unknown.
  • Or you can feel the call to adventure, but you just don’t understand what it is, or how to answer it.

The deeper and more significant you feel this change or project is, the more confident I am that I’d be a good guide for you.

“Ewan is a big stand for truth and authenticity. Working with him has helped me stay true to the core of who I am and how I can most help people.

His ability to see patterns and themes that help me connect to my tribe is incredible.”

Jim Donovan - Executive Business Coach

“Working with Ewan is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. He brings his skills as a writer and a strategist, his gifts as a mystic and an intuitive, and his whole heart into his work.

Ewan helped me complete and perfect my book. The book my soul had been screaming at me to write. I finally surrendered to the task, and Ewan gave of himself to help me.

Unlike other coaches I’ve worked with, Ewan didn’t pretend to have the formula or the answer. Rather, he graciously and generously shared his sensitivities with me so that my work could benefit from his connections, his knowing, and his intuition. He walked my path with me. Not his path. Not some path from some system he’s co-opted. My path. The one I was called to walk. And with his help, I wrote the book I was called to write.”

Claire Elizabeth - Author, Teacher

“There come moments in our paths when we know we are called to something beyond what we ‘know’. For me, it was moving from an amazing life as the CEO of Unity of Tustin, to creating Called By Love, on online summit.

Amazing grace and guardian angels can appear in these times. For me one of those was Ewan. He speaks the different languages of consciousness, business, technology, of ordinary and extra-ordinary people.

He guided me through thousands of pieces of the puzzle and into purpose, plan and product. Like heaven coming to earth.”

Dr. Marj Britt , Founder - Called By Love

“Ewan is among the rarest of the rare. A magician of paradox. A subtle ass-kicker. A wizard of witnessing. I lucked my way to his doorstep during a particularly fraught time in my biz. And he’s lobbed truth bomb after truth bomb at me. Thank GOD.

At once challenging and nurturing, intuitive and strategic, jazzy and refined, working with him left me feeling more connected to myself, more strongly urged towards greatness, and less apt to buy my own bullshit.

It’s a rare coach who truly groks the interplay of soul, spirit, and strategy. And it’s a rare individual who can discern when the moment calls for gentle nurturing, And we’re all lucky that he’s pouring such heart and smarts into coaching. My unabashed recommendation and deepest gratitude.”

Angela Raines, Wordsmith, Consultant, Coach - Sexy, Savvy Copy

How we will work together

You could think of me as one part existential cartographer – I will help you map the territory you’re lost in, and chart your course toward the destination that calls you.

And one part transformative provocateur – I will poke you where you’re ignoring what’s being asked of you, and help you align with the higher self that awaits you further down the path.

We’ll work together for a number of months.

We’ll speak on skype regularly.

You can call or text whenever something important comes up.

In other words, I walk beside you as guide and companion, as you walk your path.


What will happen when we work together

You may already know what your goal is. Maybe it’s to build a retreat centre. Or write a book. Or remodel your business. Or launch a new training program. Our work together will help you work towards this goal, and navigate the challenges you face along the way.

But there is also a deeper goal. I want to help you achieve the most powerful thing I know – to connect you with the deepest aspect of who you are, and open a wider channel for the immense potential held there.

This is the mysterious aspect of the work – something that is revealed only as we dive deep and do our work together.

To give you a sense of what past clients have achieved as a result of working with me, here are some examples…

  • The spiritual teacher and writer who wrote the book she had been struggling to write for years.
  • The eco-design pioneers who learned how to sell their solar powered dome greenhouses to a new mainstream customer.
  • The retired Unity Church CEO who created an online summit featuring some of the most powerful spiritual teachers in the world.

The journey – your journey – is one that occurs both inside and outside. It is as your consciousness transforms that your work will shift into a new phase. It is as your work advances that your consciousness must develop and expand.

This is the transformative journey.

Are you called?

If you’ve read this far then I’d suggest you are.

Fill out the form below, and let’s see if we fit.

What calls you?

What is your work? And what is calling to you? Tell the truth. Messy or concise – it doesn’t matter. And then I’ll be in touch shortly.