I’m a writer and a coach

I write to unravel this mysterious human journey of ours.

I write about consciousness, business, creativity, God, marketing –  doing the work of the intrepid explorer, the hero in the arena.

I write from my own life, my views, my experiences. I write to tell a story of what I think is possible. I write because when I don’t, I get fuddled and grumpy. I write because I love piecing together a picture of this beautiful mystery.

I coach a small number of people.

They’re people who do the things I write about. They work in the arena, revealing who they are, and offering what they’re powerful at. They’re often entrepreneurs. They do amazing work. They’re people who inspire me.

I coach people because it’s one of the most powerful ways I know to help someone transform.

I live in Amsterdam, where you’ll find me either writing, drinking coffee in meetings, walking in the park or being with my beautiful woman and her children.

If you have a reflection or question you’d like to share, drop me a message.

Get In Touch.