It was April. I’d recently stepped away from the business academy I’d co-founded the previous year. People were surprised.

But I knew I had other work to do. Even if the details were sketchy.

I had a concept. Something about integrating creativity, spirituality and business, and people actually living it as a practice.

I’d created an accurate, yet cumbersome and unmemorable title for it.

“I don’t think the name works Ewan.”

I noticed a sinking feeling as soon as my friend said it. I’d asked him his opinion, and he’d duly delivered.

“But it’s accurate. It says what it’s about, it’s not too definitive, it’s got movement in it. And it took me ages to come up with.”

Despite being highly creative, I find names really hard to come up with.

“Yeah, I understand. It doesn’t work though.”


I called him back a little later.

“Hey buddy, I have another name. In fact, it was the first one I came up with during the original idea birthing. But I dismissed it. I don’t want to call it this. It feels arrogant and presumptuous. I’m really uncomfortable about it.

“What is it?” he replied.

“The Realized Entrepreneur.”

“Yes. That’s it. Call it that.”

Shit. (Again).

This is a Business, About a New Kind of Business

This is my fourth, or seventh business, depending upon how you count. But in many ways it feels like my first.

It was born from somewhere deeper, more essential, and I think it’s going to take someone deeper and more essential to manifest it.

I think this is one of the powerful things about creating something from deep inside – it will ask everything of you. And if you embrace the challenge, and kneel to its will, it will deliver the exact realizations that you always needed, but could never see.

For that, is what I see as the path of a Realized Entrepreneur. A mission manifested through business, that was born in the soul, and will be enacted by the integrated human being.

Who is The Realized Entrepreneur?

The real answer is, I don’t know. That’s why I created this space, to discover it, uncover it. And, it’s a question I’ve asked myself hundreds of times over the last few months.

Who is the Realized Entrepreneur?

“The one who, in submission to that which burns in his soul, sets out upon a spiritual journey to manifest the dreams of which she did not choose, but will always be answerable to.”

Under whatever name, I believe this new way of being – the Realized Entrepreneur – will be one of the most revolutionary archetypes of this still young century.

It’s a way of being that I can hear beckoning to many of us.

Who is (s)he?

He is one, I believe, who is dedicated with full surrender to his own inner journey, the facing of his own shadow, the owning of his own essential glory, the dissolution of his own pre-centauric-self-concept.

And yet, she is one who is also, at the very same moment, fully invested in the creation of material value, the building of her business, the freeing of her enterprise, and the transformation of the souls she has been sent to serve.

It is not a path of balance.


It is not about adjusting the expression of his inner world to match with her outer creation. It’s not about keeping them in harmony.

It is about both of these being the expression of one Self, one soul.

It is also, not about simply espousing some abstract philosophy with unnecessarily confusing terms like ‘pre-centauric-self-concept’.

It’s about a lived practice, a living practice. Surrendering to your own unique expression of this universal way. Surrendering, with full commitment, to the one who is called.

One whose quest for real business success, and deep self discovery, are the same journey.

One who masters both meditation and marketing. One who is guided by strategy and soul. One who creates through product design and poetry. One who integrates business plans with being.

One whose artistic expression is their business. One whose spiritual practice is their work.

One. Not two.

This is how I’m going to explore The Realized Entrepreneur

Here are four ways (well, more like 3 plus a mystical miscellaneous) that I’m going to be exploring this way of being.

Or, in other words, here’s how you can learn with me…

1. The Podcast
(a.k.a. Meandering conversations with fascinating friends on the path)

The Realized Entrepreneur is a character who’s expressions are limitless, but who’s heart is universal. A path, not a person.

Which means there are already amazing trailblazers out there, walking this path, even though they may not resonate with the name I’ve evoked.

I’ve begun interviewing some of these extraordinary people, exploring with them what shapes and guides them, and how they’ve created their businesses, and discovered their own nature.

And I will be sharing all of these conversations with you in The Realized Entrepreneur Podcast.

2. The Blog
(a.k.a. Self-revelatory musings and teachings on the living of the path)

In one way, I see this business as a science experiment, with myself as the first guinea pig. What is it to walk the path of a Realized Entrepreneur, like, really?

I see this way-of-being as one of radical authenticity. One of becoming more of yourself as you already are, through the creation of business and free enterprise. And not hiding either side of the journey, but having it be your marketing and brand strategy.

So, I’ll be practicing this self-revelatory strategy, and sharing my own discoveries, understandings and advocacy, right here on The Realized Entrepreneur Blog.

3. The Coaching
(a.k.a Intimate and transformative in-person support on the path)

None of us can walk this path alone. My own friends, coaches and mentors have enabled me to step into places I simply could not have reached were I a solo-traveler.

And so I will be offering coaching and group programs where we can together, reach heights otherwise inaccessible.

As I’ve begun to seriously teach and coach people over the last 12 months, I’ve seen how truly transformational it can be. I’ve seen people create programs and products that looked literally impossible at the start of the journey.

So, this is what we can co-create together, through Coaching, when you’re called to a new level of yourself and your work in the world.

4. The Unknown
(a.k.a. Stuff I haven’t found the grace to discover yet)

If I’ve learned anything over the last 3 years of my own entrepreneurial path, it’s been that true transformation and business creativity come from the field of The Unknown. That place beyond your history, beyond your imagination, beyond your strategic plans and well meant assumptions.

And so, as I sit writing this first blog post, I’m smiling, as realize that I have no idea where this journey will take me, or you. But I’m grateful you’re here, and reading these words.

I’m excited, and humbled that we get to play together.

More soon…

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Ewan Townhead

I hope you enjoyed the article. If you're interested further in my work, you can find out more about me here, and my coaching here.

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  1. Ewan

    The podcast launches next week! πŸ™‚

  2. Avatar

    Why do you write: “It is not a path of balance.”? I see balance as integral to any successful path transit.

    • Ewan

      Hi Joshua,

      Good question! Perhaps it is semantics, perhaps something else. I think what I mean by it is that balance in some way seems to suggest a duality that must be measured in order to have them not over-burden one side over the other. Think of old-school weighing scales, you have to quantify what’s put on each side in order to have them ‘balance’.

      I think what I am curious about is what is beyond the balance of opposites in this. And…I think balance is important too πŸ™‚


      • Avatar

        Finding this question of balance so interesting. It reminds me of a time when I was working with Genpo Roshi on the voice of the mortal. I could not get to the voice of the mortal, I had buried that voice deep out of fear that if I admitted that mortal voice I would stop caring about this beautiful world and just accept there is nothing I can do. Roshi took me first to the voice of great caring (in one corner at the base of the triangle) then to the voice of “I don’t give a shit” which made me laugh at great caring running around like a headless chicken trying to change things. Then he had me step to the apex of the triangle. That place where both these voices are transcended and included.
        That was a really powerful place. I could immediately see how being able to integrate brought a completely different perspective and ability to live. This to me isn’t balance, it is far more powerful and far less fragile than balance.

        • Ewan Townhead

          Fiona. Yes, I love your example. I’ve been talking with a good friend recently about polarity, and the natural to-and-fro between poles. For example, the polarity between sporadic flow, and disciplines structure. And again, it’s not about balance, it’s about the inter-relationship, and integration.

  3. Avatar

    Hi Ewan: I love your blog and self reflection. This is an awesome integration of creativity, spirituality and business, and people actually living it as a practice. A balance I feel implies some competing parts. But maybe the perspective of the energies of these spaces and how they can build on each other, in practice, is where the greater synergies are. I am so happy you are reflecting on this. They talk about the surface and the depth. We are clearly “weaker” in the depth, so this depth that you are bringing into our consciousness is welcome and important. But as you point out, the surface, the practical application, is also important. To integrate both, as they are actually the same in a non dual perspective, is where the synergistic energies arise. I applaud your efforts! Take care. Philip

    • Ewan

      Thanks Philip. Yes, yes. To integrate both indeed. I do think that’s the call here. And I find myself going first to the integration in individuals, thus the ‘Realized Entrepreneur’ archetype. For me that ‘realized’ part means self-realization AND to make ‘real’. As in, build it, IN the world. Love you being here my friend πŸ™‚

  4. Avatar

    Nothing profound, dude. Just that you ROCK. And I’m following you. Love how you describe us!!!

    • Ewan

      Thanks Erin! πŸ™‚

  5. Avatar

    Hi Ewan, courageous and authentic as always. Keep it going. Let’s see what especially the 4th option brings. Let’s leave room for magic (which most of the time happens at the periphery…). Looking forward to the podcasts.

    • Ewan

      Haha, totally! Love you brother.

  6. Avatar

    Ewan, first of all, thank you for being real and not allowing your ego to hide what really is. It’s a powerful example you set with just that already. My ego is not happy about me posting a comment; it’s way more visible than she’d want to be. Screw that.
    Your blog has inspired me. It’s inspiring to read that you are following your path, acting upon a calling, even if it’s not fully clear yet. I recognise the desire to create from deep down and the aliveness that comes with focusing on that path. I however also recognise the ambiguity, the not-knowing, questions about how to make it happen in real-life with all it’s opportunities and limitations. In me, there is also fear, fear for diving in fully, for exposing myself and my beliefs. And a fear coming from ‘what if it doesn’t work out?’.
    I acknowledge you for taking the steps and wish you a wonderful journey. I’m looking forward to the podcasts and next blogs.

    • Ewan


      Thanks so much for writing this beautiful reply. Yes, that fear can be insidious can’t it? The fear of putting up all this stuff has been big for me too…the image/feeling that comes up in me habitually is anticipating playing my latest, precious song in front of a room full of people, and then clenching as my exposure is met by a deathly silence. I did some writing on it…maybe I need to publish that too! πŸ™‚

      And, anxiety I think is in some ways, a natural state for us. But there’s a difference between it being existential and neurotic. That’s probably a blog too. Shit…I think I just exposed myself into writing even more didn’t I πŸ˜‰


      • Avatar

        Haha yes lots of writing possibilities opening up here for you! And then there is the art of deciding what to choose and focus on. This world of endless opportunities is beautiful and can be challenging at the same time.

        I agree, anxiety and fear are naturally part of us. Sometimes it’s strong, and more and more I experience that I can just look at my fears, as from a distance, and deal with them more consciously. And at times they are just funny and make me laugh :).

        And I get the picture you paint. However, that song, I’m sure, is beautiful. Maybe not everyone gets it immediately but by exposing people to it more often, some of them will be able to tune in on the melody and get the lyrics. Maybe even all of them will. Or not, then just enjoy it yourself and/or create a new song πŸ™‚

        • Ewan

          Thanks Martine.

          My practice is in not making the song’s impact personal. To create, and release. πŸ™‚

  7. Avatar

    Hi Ewan,
    I appreciate this inspirational opening. I’ve joined your group not even knowing what exactly my work is yet… I just know that for a long time I’ve felt deeply called to to create something that is an expression of my values and what I’d like to see more of in the world. Something that both allows and requires me to be living completely into it and make my full offer, whatever that turns out to be… At the moment I’m still immersed in corporate life, but feeling less and less satisfied with that. I look forward to the podcasts, more of the blog and learning with and from people who are on this same path… Thank you!

    • Ewan

      Hi Jamie,
      Yes, I know that feeling so very intimately. I still have it daily. I remember asking Fred Kofman once how does one become someone who is working from their own values, essence. He said start with pain. Start with the dissatisfaction.

  8. Avatar

    Beautiful inspiring words. I’ve just embarked on my own journey as an independent leadership coach and facilitator, so reading about someone else on the same path makes me feel very grateful that there’s someone else out there who’s on the road to figuring it out, because that’s exactly where I am πŸ™‚ Thank you.

    • Ewan

      You’re welcome Leela. I hope you continued to be inspired to forge your own path. And digging all the Rumi on your site πŸ™‚

  9. Avatar

    Ewan – I LOVE this post…this pou sto. I’m passing it around. Just reading it has helped me breathe better…center…thank you. Keep going! And yes…business is my spiritual practice…

    • Ewan

      Thanks Pam. I like the feel of you having more space to breathe. Yeeees!


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