Wish upon it. Pray to it. Follow it.

Do not think you are it, or believe other people when they say you could be. Do not mistake the mortal for the divine.

The proper posture is one of devotion. The star is not reached through fame, it is never reached. It is the source of divine potential, an infinite omega point to which we are endlessly beckoned.

Where does your star call you? What do the heavens whisper?

If you don’t know, you must ask.
If you do know, you must ask.

For your destination is that transcendent possibility, the unmanifest future that already rests within you. Just as the oak is already contained within the acorn.

And when the light of heaven shines down upon you, you will reach toward it. Like the tree that grows steadily toward the sun. The reward is illumination. Of you and your extraordinary beauty. The price is the same.

And you will shrink before its splendour, and the exposure of your own. This is only to be expected, for you are cradled in the innocence of one who has forgotten who you really are.

This is not a fault to be corrected. It is the divine design of something we cannot comprehend.

The star asks that you face it, and be guided by it. That you stand naked before the light, and follow the path it shows you.

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Calling and Purpose Magic and Shamanism
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Ewan Townhead

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